Photographs are artificial because they are images. And all photographs are reality because they are photographs. We should only talk about why we love them.
Christoph Ribbats

I do not work in a preconceived genre. My subject material, determined subtly and subjectively, always responds to movement of internal emotion and finally solidifies in a finished picture. At the same time, I look for a style of my personal perception. I do not feel the need to be objective about my work as the results are always my feelings which come to life through my pictures. I search constantly and strive to produce a successful image.

When one speaks about or relates to particular genres, the genres exist only on different levels of usage. They are artistic and informative results that relate to specific photographic work. For me, photography is too complex to be reduced to single areas.

As one who works with concepts, I serve Photography, choosing different possibilities depending on the picture. I take advantage of the situation to create my pictorial style.

The realization of my pictures is a subjective process whereby series of decisions are pre-planned. My work progresses according to my understanding of composition, my ideas, my creative process and my feelings toward the respective theme. My idea, my concept and my conclusion, determine my creation.

Preceding the creations, there is a connection between the meeting of certain people or empty rooms or houses, which touch my feelings or emotions in a way that results in ideas that live in me and ripen until through the process of photography, they become pictures. My thoughts and work with photography are beyond the real world. A well planned photograph that conveys a subtle deepness.

The goal of my photography, is to be effective, to enjoy the pictures and feel them- connect with feeling, understand the pictures and in the end, to love them.

I am interested in the early 20th Century, especially the Bauhaus period. One of my main areas of study is of the master of photography, Walter Peterhans. His clear composition and use of light has influenced my work and my development.

Jeannine Fiedler writes about Walter Peterhans / teacher at the Bauhaus in Dessau:

  • - He is a mathematician and surveyor whose methods and
  • - systems are built on axioms. – He is an aesthete and
  • - philosopher who defines the law of nature through
  • - creative imagination. – He is a teacher who finds
  • - the philosophy of learning in Platon's Menon.
  • - And last but not least, he is the photograph who
  • - arranges his works to make scenes of perfection.
  • - ...........