Ingrid Bartel, born in Linz/Austria

Photography training by a master of black and white photography,
trained as portrait- and documentary photographer

Several years of freelance work for cultural editorial staffs

Finished masterclass of photography

Several years of commissioned photography at home and abroad, intermittently study trips abroad

Participation in competitions and group exhibitions

  • Group exhibition Augsburg Galerie Schmiede
  • Solo exhibition Linz Crea Team
  • Solo exhibition Leonding 44er Haus
  • Group exhibition Berlin Galerie Stilwerk
  • Solo exhibition Linz Galerie Altstadt 11
  • Darmstadt Photo Days
  • Summer academy Traunkirchen Maria Hahnenkamp
  • Group exhibition Galerie 422/Gmunden
  • Solo exhibition Linz Galerie halle
  • Solo exhibition Zuckerfabrik Enns
  • Group exhibition